About the Foundation

Dejana Industries has been very successful commercially for decades. That success, coupled with the Dejana family’s strong belief in giving back has resulted in extensive generosity over the years. The Peter and Jeri Dejana Family Foundation was formed to better coordinate these contributions.

While donations are made to a wide variety of organizations and at varying funding levels, the Foundation also believes that it is equally important to provide additional support to its recipient organizations by helping to promote awareness of their organizations’ offerings. This serves to, not only extend their awareness generation efforts, but also helps them to help themselves for greater independence and sustainability for the future.

Additionally, where appropriate, the Dejana Foundation is engaged in helping to increase the level of funds raised through the organizations’ independent or joint fundraising events and other activities.


To assist non-profit organizations in their efforts to offer and expand programming and other services to their own memberships through monetary donations as well as cross promotion, event partnerships and other fund- and awareness-driven methods.